Mike Driscoll (shammypirate) wrote,
Mike Driscoll

This one goes out .....

So I had dinner with heather today after going just over a month with no contact and it was nice we chatted drank and as far as I could tell both had a good time ... It was alittle wired at first cuz I really didn't know what to expect because the two of us have been though a lot more then most two people can say( we've been super close and so far away that we only texted each other via facebook/phone for birthdays and holidays and just about every where inbetween ) so randomly being ask to get together cuz she wanted to talk was highly nervious for me but things ended pretty well she said she was sorry for how she was in the hospital and afterwards but in all honesty she didn't do anything wrong and she was completely honest with everything so theres no reason for her to feel bad, she also said the main reason she wanted to get together was so she could say she didn't like my cowboy hats and that's whatever she asked why I started wearing them and truthfully it was just because but I've always worn things that make me stand out because I don't stand out otherwise ( in middle school I wore silver sunglasses with yellow frames and everyone like it, freshmen year bleach blonde hair (long) stinking through an old fishermans hat with cartoons patches on it .... leading up to senior year tc where I was in charge respected I was in all indifferent forms the man I could ask on group of guys to give another guy shit all day cuz said guy was being a dick and said group would do it.... Heather must have met me at the worst timing in my life cuz tc gave me a confidence I didn't have and haven't had since but maybe part of that confidence was because of here cuz then just like now that girl is out of my league ( but haven't spent that much time thinking about all that yet so I cant tell if theres anything there but I have some time and some pot so I might come to an answer soon haha but who knowns) what I do know is at some point heather will read this and she is going to think one of a thousand things, and weather it be good bad or something else I cant control I'm happy knowing 2 things 1 weather I be tc,cowboy,irish,punk/rock/goth... what the future brings for me mikey heather you will always be an important person to me and I wouldn't trade my worst experience with you for anything because 2. no matter how you've changed grown .... I will be there and me being me (reguardless of what I where I can still make her smile, we have both changed but I know her and honestly that's enough for me ... so I don't think anyone will care what I have to say but I do .....
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