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so I think I came to a little bit of a break through in my life. I have trouble letting go of things from my past, and I think I figured out why. Growing up as kind of a reckless kid I was hit in the head and I know for a fact that I suffered concussion more then once and the last one was sophomore year. But I think I have trouble because I have no memory of my early childhood, and only sporatic fuzzy memory of my later childhood, the first real memory I have is middle schoolish. so I think I hold onto things that I can so I don't lose anymore memorizes
I came across this after dropping pat off after work I didn't want to go home so I drove around from the school to old friends houses like I would after school then to the parks or other places I hung out all whilst having a lot on my mind cuz of a good smooth talking friend.....
on the other hand yesterday was my bday and it was a really good time and I got to hang out with people I don't see all the time
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