Mike Driscoll (shammypirate) wrote,
Mike Driscoll


So yesterday was Valentines day and like the majority of them in my life I spent it alone witch sucks cuz in all honesty it is one of my favorite holidays and I worked (such a bad day) came home ate alone watched a movie, the only good time I had was after eating I took the ferrets out and played with them, those weasels can turn most days around( ive been working on teaching them tricks, so far they can do up and spin and sometimes buzz will do kisses , but rylan is best and I think its mostly the drool always around his mouth lol) anyway that is how I spent vday nothing to special but it always can be worse but time to work on setting up my room just moved into steves dads condo and thus far as been good so I guess later lj maybe ill post later

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