Mike Driscoll (shammypirate) wrote,
Mike Driscoll

random rant dont mind me

ok the only thing i have to say is the person who claims it is better to have loved and lost then never loved at all should be kicked in the head because i dont think they know what lost love feels like. Ok ill grant them that loveing someone is the all time best feeling out there honestly no better feeling ive ever felt, but being on the other side of that and know what it feels to lose that love is mind and body numbing pain ive been stabbed, kicked, punched, tackled, hit, smacked, poped, rocked, dumped,shot down, and shot( point blank with a paintball gun and froozen paintballs ouch) and nothing has ever been as bad as loseing.... oh well enough feeling bad for myslef time to take the ferrets out , they always make me feel better and pot and 2 comedies wont hurt the night either
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