Mike Driscoll (shammypirate) wrote,
Mike Driscoll

sinking in

So im on my 2nd night away from ellen and today I started unpacking my stuff I feel like the biggest asshole but I needed this idk what the future will bring an old ex,one I know wants me back but I dont think that will happen, I could get back tigether with ellen I could find new love I just need to wait and see but this time is mine to figure things out I have kinda plans with heather in 3ish weeks going to the haunted hay ride and im looking forward to it cuz with ellen haunted,gory,scary,anything was a no go and I might not be mr. gruff and tuff no fear, infact I scare kinda easy but I do like it fear is part of life you can run from it or learn from it(rafikie(sp)) lol but typing on my phone is pissing me off damn little keys so later

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