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HAHAHA not really did i fool anyone? Most likely not cuz i dont think anyone reads this journal of mine anymore Basicly from my last post i found out a few things from my family but first let me bring up monday. monday i went to the big e with steve adam jennie and bman had some drinks and a good time ellen couldnt make it cuz she had work, well tues she tells me that she was upset with me cuz i went to the big e monday night, fuck you im suppose to sit around the house and not hang out with my friends cuz you have work i couldnt believe it . so tues afternoon i go to pay the cable bill and after i go to megs house and she tells me that i few things ellen said to her the friday before we all went to the faire in carver. meg asked if she was going and ellen said i didnt know that she had a choice to go or not. meg said ofcoarse you do no one is makeing you go ( and no one is and i would have rather her not go cuz she was in a pissy mood most of the day again cuz of the kids ) but she said that she had to go if she wanted to spend the day with me (well guess what we dont need to spend every day off together from when we get up to when we go to bed ) and i guess ellen and my parents talked (mom cuz dad doesnt really talk) cuz i went to my parents house after megs and my mom asked if everything was ok between us cuz ellen seemed to have a stick up her nose the last time they talked add all that together and im done unless something drastic happens before the end of the weekend its over and the only reason im waiting till the end of the weekend is cuz she has a big work thing over the weekend and i dont want to put her in a crappy mood cuz of everything it doenst seem right to me to do it before hand, and i guess it also falls into one of problems i tend to give people more chances then i should but oh well

You were a pain girl
A thorn in my side
Drove me insane girl
A white knuckle ride

So why do I go looking through old photographs
And chase you down the hallways of our checkered past
Hold on for dear life
And keep the fire fed

Oughta let go, but instead...

Its like I'm pressing on a bruise, to see if it still hurts
Right now that's all I've got left of you
Everybody knows, that just makes it worse
But still I do

Could start a new life
I could move on,
I could do a drive by
And see if you're home

Now there's a fine, fine line between a memory
And something any shrink would call an injury
But its not over long as you're still hurting me
And as I turn on to your street

Its like I'm pressing on a bruise, to see if it still hurts
Right now that's all I've got left of you
Anybody knows, that just makes it worse
But still I do

Still I do
Still I do
Still love you

Well she's the kinda girl put your world on hold
Walk the halls and you check your phone
Gave up the ghost and the ghost keeps holding on

And you run from the sun but you curse the rain
Lost the love so you nurse the pain
Going on and on and on
Singing that same song

But shes gone
(No, I can't just let it go)
You could choke on those glory days
(Can't just let it heal)
With a broken heart and a bitter taste
(No, I cant just let it go)
You light it up cause she burned you down
(Can't just let it heal)
Smoking those memories to the ground

Its like I'm pressing on a bruise
Yeah, that's the thing about love and pain
? and nothing to say
No, I cant just let it go
You got to let it go and go and go
No, I cant just let it heal
sounds alot like how my life has been in the past...
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