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i just feel so lost

I dont know why im writing on here its not going to help one bit everything about me is changing and i really dont know what to do i dont come to people with my problems its one of my biggest faults and i know this, but its because i know that everyone has there own problems to deal with and dont need to deal with mine and ive always thought that i was able to handle my own problems myself and that even if it took longer then i wanted that i could handle what life threw at me ... I know that holding everything inside is stupid that every now and again everyone need help even me ive just always had such troble opening up to people and ive always revealing how ive felt even posting on here ive never liked it because i dont like people worrying about me. Ive never truely noticed just how weak of a person i truely am, and i dont know if its cuz i was brought up to think this way is it part of my genetics, or is it really just me hiding who i truely am like i do all the time i stay in the shadow stay out of the spotlight so if i ever need to i can exit with no one noticeing me gone. would anyone notice me gone sure at first maybe but my life is nothing special the world as it is would still turn people would still live on with there day to day and some people would be sad but what possible help am i to any of them, i feel like such a failure . and i feel so much anger towards myself i know that i shouldnt think that way i know that im important to people people i wouldnt ever want to hurt/ or hurt again but i just cant shake this feeling, i have a mental block and i cant shake it and i cant change the way that i feel/ the way that i have always felt, i want to fill my life back up with happiness i like being happy and bringing happiness to others but i just feel like my life is full of holds that i cant fix or clog up i feel like im loseing everything and i havent lost anything at all i think ive already decided what im going to do and if anyone is reading this is nothing life threating so dont worry

A gun goes off in a far off city
A siren wails right here at home
Well sometimes life ain't all that pretty
When you're watching it all alone

You build a wall around your feelings
Just another heart afraid to break
And you don't wanna let me in cause really
What difference can I make?

I can't change the world
Baby, that's for sure
But if you let me, girl
I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

So let Jesus look down on this mess
And let the powers that be just fuss and fight
Cause everyone needs to pick their battles and
We all realize

That I can't change the world
Baby, that's for sure
But if you let me, girl
I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

And every time you light a flame
You just get burned and you feel like
It's all in vain
You feel like
You need to learn that no one's gonna save you
No, no one's gonna save you
But I'm standing here
My heart's on my sleeve
Never gonna let you down
Never ever gonna leave you

Baby, that's for sure
Oh I can't change the world
But I can change yours
I bet I can change yours

heard this for the first time today on the radio and my first thought was you,... i dont know if it a good thing or not with how things feel like theyve been going for me im thinking probly not but it was still a nice thought for the moment
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